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Earthquake Preparedness

Earthquake Preparedness

Are you ready for the big one?

Living in Victoria, the question is not IF we are going to have an earthquake but WHEN. While most quakes are minor, the next one could be a major quake.

How do you feel about your level of preparedness?

Does your family have a plan?

Have you prepared and updated your emergency kit? Do you have all essentials to last at least 5 days?

Do you have a kit in your car?

Do you have a kit for your pets?

The vast majority of injuries during a quake happen inside a home!

Are your shelves, cupboards, monitors, tv’s, cabinet doors, pictures, appliances etc. properly secured?

Even a small earthquake can cause your water heater to topple and create major water damage or rupture a gas line.

Is your water heater strapped according to code? Do you have flexible gas and/or water connectors?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Want to be prepared but never find the time?

I have the qualification and experience to assist you and your family in preparing for the worst.

I will assess  your home, assist in creating a plan of action and DO what is necessary so that you are ready for the big one.