Victoria Handyman Service



My standard rate for Handyman work is $40 per hour. Outside of Victoria I prefer a 2hrs. of work minimum or I will charge for travel time.

I accept cash, cheques or I can send you a Paypal invoice for credit card payments.

Large painting jobs will be done with an estimate and priced by the job.

Landscaping rate is $40 per hour

Earthquake preparedness consultation (2hrs. minimum) at $40 per hour.

Stained glass around $200.00 per square foot depending on design and glass.

My rates are very competitive and great value.

The Handyman Connection typically charges around $80 per hour, other quality Victoria Handyman charge between $45 and $65 per hour. I could charge more but I would like to stay affordable.

The website below has some realistic price and cost estimates.

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I don’t work for cash in hand. I believe in Canada’s social programs and fair taxation. I will do my share to make Canada a livable place for all.